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2019 Fall Newsletter

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Mark Gagnon

Peace of Mind, 24/7

Dear Friends,

We know that your family’s comfort and safety are your priorities. They’re ours, too — along with your peace of mind.

Smart security kit

Win a Smart Security Kit

Enter our new prize drawing to win a Yale Assure touchscreen deadbolt + Amazon Cloud Cam. Enjoy keyless access for yourself and family members and easily monitor and control your front door from anywhere by connecting with the Cloud Cam.

Save money

Simplify This Season and Save Money!

Sometimes less is more. That’s certainly true when it comes to reducing paper clutter and the time you spend on paying bills. Here are a few ways that you can simplify — and save money too.


Burning Questions About Heating Your Home

The journey to seek out better comfort can bring you much wisdom. We hope you will find more peace after reading these answers from our home comfort wizard.

Good value

Is Heating Oil Still a Good Value?

Oil prices have been on quite a roller-coaster ride over the past year. They increased by more than 10% early last heating season, but by spring they had fallen by about 20%.


Can We Reach You in an Emergency?

It’s important that we can reach you quickly in the event of an emergency or to confirm appointments. To do this, we need to have your current landline phone number, mobile phone number and email address.

Mark Leach

Ask the Expert

Q: What should I do if storm water enters my home and reaches my propane appliances?