Dispensing Propane Safely

In case of an emergency, please call our office 24/7 at (888)815-8384.

Small Cylinders

Module 1:

Introduction to


  • Sources of Propane
  • Uses for Propane

Module 2:

Dispensing Station Equipment

  • Starting up the Dispenser

Module 3:

Uncontrolled Propane Release & Fires

  • Steps to Complete During an Uncontrolled Propane Release
  • Responding to the Uncontrolled Propane Release

Module 4:

Cylinder Components

  • Cylinder Materials
  • Parts of the Cylinder
  • Cylinder Markings

Module 5:

Pre-Fill Inspection

Module 6:

Filling Cylinders by Weight and Volume

Module 7:

Post-Filling Cylinders

Module 8:

Transporting DOT Cylinders

Module 9:

Purging New


  • Identify the Parts of the Purging System
  • Steps to Purging Cylinders

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