A Clean Energy Solution for Tomorrow – Available Today

We are committed to a low-carbon, sustainable future for everyone in the U.S. and around the globe.


There is no single energy source that can solve every environmental challenge and we know the need for energy will continue to grow. So, the more diverse the energy mix, the more reliable it will be. Propane is a cost-effective, reliable, highly efficient, clean-burning, and a low-carbon fuel. It is also approved as a clean alternative fuel under the Clean Fuel Act of 1990.


The environmentally friendly benefits don’t end there. Renewable propane – sourced from used cooking oil and other waste products – continues to advance and will become more available as we continue into an even lower-carbon future.

Propane and the Environment

Propane - The Environmentally Friendly Energy for Everyone

A healthy environment benefits everyone — and propane is an excellent way to reduce emissions while reliably meeting energy needs.