Premium Quality Oil Fuel

For the highest quality heating oil in Southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire, call P. Gagnon & Son

When we deliver fuel to our customers, it’s typically 2–5 percent biofuel. Since the government requires refineries to use a certain percentage of renewables in their fuel, all oil dealers around here deliver a biofuel blend.


But we don’t stop there. Unlike many other dealers, we also treat our biofuel blend with an UltraGuard additive, which helps keep your system running efficiently and problem-free.


UltraGuard prevents unnecessary service problems. Industry studies show that 40 percent of unscheduled service calls are related to fuel quality. Our technicians love UltraGuard because it means fewer late-night service calls!


  • reduces bacterial and fungal growth
  • conditions the oil to maximize heating system efficiency and reliability
  • protects your tank from rust and corrosion
  • keeps heating system components cleaner
  • helps maintain the efficiency of your system

Adding UltraGuard to your heating oil—at no extra charge—is just one of the steps we take to provide our customers with the very best value and service. Request a fuel delivery today