Price Protection

P. Gagnon & Sons Price Protection Programs are available

If you are interested please contact us and we can go over the details. It’s a very simple process and only takes a few minutes. We are offering many options this year:

  • SimplePay/Price Cap: Your price can move in no direction but down and your bills are broken down into as many as 12 level more manageable chunks. You’re protected no matter what direction the oil markets move.*
  • PrePay/Price Cap: Write us one check and oil bills are over with. Like the option above, you pay our lowest cash price or your capped price, whatever is lowest.*
  • Flex Plan: We know everyone doesn’t want Price Protection but everyone likes to save money. Pay up front for the whole season and you’ll receive a 25 cent discount from our posted price. Price floats with the market.
  • Fixed Price: Pay for the whole year, get it over with, and your price will not change, no matter what.
  • SimplePay without price cap is available as well. Price also floats with the market but you always get our 20 cent per gallon prompt payment discount.

And, with P. Gagnon and Son you can be absolutely sure we will perform as promised. No worries about us taking your money then not delivering your fuel. Unlike some of our competitors, we will be there as promised. No excuses. No exceptions. No articles in the Portsmouth Herald.


Our customers sleep well at night knowing that our team of fully trained and licensed heating technicians and drivers are just a phone call away. We stand ready to respond to any heating emergencies our customers, and only our customers, have 24/7/365. Contact us to find out more.


*Cap fee is required.